Offer your customers even better printing quality, at higher speeds and with the highest levels of safety

Superior printing quality

Introducing nanotechnology in polyurethane rollers offers more constant electrical resistance values throughout the complete surface of the roller.  Difference in surface resistance from left to right is tremendously reduced, offering even attraction of ink on the printed medium. This allows you to meet stringent ESA printing specifications more easily – and even go beyond them. The result: superior printing quality, even on low-quality substrates, quicker set-up of your ESA system and shorter start-up runs with less waste.

Higher press speeds

Use of polyurethane combined with carbon nanoparticles reduces the heat build-up in the press during operations. Improved heat dissipation makes your ESA system more robust, allowing for higher press speeds, printing more in the same time while ensuring point-to-point print accuracy, even on lower-quality substrates.

Longer covering lifetime, less maintenance

HannePearl’s mechanical performance exceeds that of its predecessors. Abrasion resistance is improved by 10 to 20%, resulting in longer time before regrinding. The use of nanotechnology improves the deformation recovery of the roller by 20 to 25%, decreasing maintenance cost and downtime for changing the impression rollers in your ESA system.

Improved safety

Excessive charges in ESA systems may jeopardize your operations. HannePearl’s constant electrical resistance values allow you to generate the necessary electrostatic field within the desired range with less power. This reduce the risk of sparks, keeps your system from shutting down preventively or initiating your fire safety system to prevent damage to your facilities. HannePearl improves the safety of your staff and your investment.

Reduced costs

Using HannePearl reduces maintenance times and reduces your energy consumption.

  • Easier and faster to set when starting a new print job
  • Superior abrasion resistance and excellent deformation recovery: saving in stops and organization
  • Better resistance to water and solvent-based gravure printing inks: easy to clean
  • Lower electrostatic assist power level results in savings in electricity costs: use of ESA at lower power levels for the same result