Heat build-up, sparking, managing high voltages, pressure and dynamic loads … these are just some of the concerns that that can arise with electrostatic assist (ESA) printing solutions. In creating HannePearl, the next-generation solution from Hannecard for roller and sleeve coverings for cardboard packaging with electrostatic assist, the development team focused on ways to reduce or even eliminate these concerns.

“When people are printing with solvent-based inks, you have to stay at a certain level of static electricity to avoid any sparking. Because if you get sparking in these conditions you will have a fire,” says Philippe Baichette, general manager of Hannecard Switzerland.  “In developing HannePearl, we focused on ways to ensure that the electric values remain steady. And to guarantee that the HannePearl solution worked exactly as planned, achieving the highest levels of quality and performance, the development team ran customer tests for close a year.”

The result: predictable electric values that simplify the process for operators, who must monitor the values to determine whether they can continue printing or not. With the more stable electric values of HannePearl, there are significantly fewer interruptions in printing, as well as a longer life for rollers.

Keeping roller surfaces clean is also important to avoid the buildup of static. The improved chemical resistance of HannePearl means roller and sleeve coverings can better withstand the harsh chemicals used to clean them, which also extends roller life, and offers cost and time savings.