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Antistatic rollers & sleeves

Electrostatic assist cannot be used for metallic inks due to the risk of short circuits or sparks. To enable dissipation of static electricity, we offer antistatic coatings. The PressoGraf range for classical rotogravure presses comes in the following variants, each with their own specific qualities. All versions are by default antistatic and so reduce fire risk as a result of sparkover. The impression roll coverings or sleeves are available for the applications of decorative printing, cardboard printing and flexible packaging.

  • PressoGraf-SB (Black – Rubber, 70-90 Shore A)
    • Very good mechanical and dynamical behavior
    • Perfect chemical resistance against ketones, alcohols and acetates
    • Antistatic covering
  • PressoGraf-XP (Brown – Polyurethane, 70-90 Shore A)
    • Best possible mechanical and dynamical behavior, increased lifetime
    • Very good chemical resistance against ketones, alcohols and acetates
    • Far higher abrasion resistance and deformation recovery compared to rubber solutions
    • Antistatic covering

Covered roller for stripping cylinders

Hannecard provides covered rollers for stripping cylinders used to separate the packaging from the skeleton after die-cutting. These rollers are the counterpart of a metal roll with pins and air exhaust. The pins ensure the separation between the two cut parts of the cardboard yet wear out the rubber roller during operations, requiring regular recovering of the roller. Using HanneStar rollers allows you to reduce the recovering frequency by a ratio of 4 to 6.

  • HanneStar AS 80
    • PU 80 Shore A
    • Antistatic
    • Current dimensions: ⌀ core 130mm ⌀ covered 150 mm to 152 mm length 670, 860, 870 or 920 mm

Coating rollers or sleeves

In the domain of adhesive film and paper production, several techniques can be applied for primer and finish coating. Hannecard supplies rubber, as well as polyurethane roller coverings suited for both water and solvent-based coatings. Depending on the process, the pick-up, transfer or back-up roll can be elastomer coated. All qualities mentioned below are also available in antistatic versions.

  • Standard rubber (MultiCoat-SB Green, 35-80 Shore A)
    • Excellent surface properties
    • High chemical resistance
    • Resistant to temperatures up to 120°C
  • High-end PU (Monkal-5, Green transparent, Yellow transparent, 50-70 (80) Shore A)
    • Best dynamical stability at high speed
    • Outstanding chemical resistance
    • High abrasion resistance
    • Special, defect-free casting technology
    • Improved transfer properties, suitable both for low and high coating weight
    • Resistant to temperatures up to 80°C
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Inking rollers

The disadvantage of traditional textile covered rollers is that they do not assure uniform inking jobs at high printing speeds. Hannecard has developed a solid alternative: DoseRight, a laser-engraved 60 Shore A rubber roll covering. Different laser engraved patterns (squared, pyramidal, honeycomb, scattered, etc.) are available, in function of inking type and application. Laser engraved inking rollers assure a uniform and correct inking of the printing roll, avoid ghost image appearance and reduce the ink spillage. The advantages of DoseRight include:

  • No cell filling
  • No lines
  • No ghost image

Splicer rollers

To assure non-stick, non-crushing and non-marking for fine media (low density paper, thin film and flexible packaging) and ‘correcting’ characteristics for the contacting web, Hannecard has developed MicroGraf, a micro-cellular foam rubber for the covering of the paster rollers for the splices.
MicroGraf is soft and assures the desired constant elasticity. This quality allows for planar corrections and the elimination of air pockets in the spliced web reels. As a variant, we can extend the MicroGraf paster roller covering in a double layered version called MicroGraf+. In this case, the top layer is a compact harder rubber, which can be finished helicoidally or with other special types of grooves, according to the web medium. For rougher media like Kraft paper you can rely on our low-hardness polyurethane series Splice-O-Graf, that comes in hardnesses of 22 or 30 Shore A, and which combines a high elasticity with increased mechanical and dynamical properties.