Don’t drop a single dot.

With HannePearl, Hannecard revolutionizes roller and sleeve coverings for cardboard packaging with electrostatic assist (ESA). Electrostatic assist is used in rotogravure printing of cardboard packaging to prevent missing dots and ensure higher-quality images with high ink and color density. Thanks to the carbon nanoparticles in the HannePearl roller and sleeve coverings, a more homogeneous electric field is generated on the impression roll, eliminating missing dots from the ink transfer, from printing nip to the substrate.

HannePearl takes point-to-point accuracy to the next level, allowing you to offer your customers even better printing quality, at higher speeds and with the highest levels of safety.

Advantages of HannePearl

  • The only solution on the market using polyurethane with carbon nanoparticles
  • Approved for all major ESA manufacturers: Eltex, Enulec and Spengler
  • Complies with all electrostatic assist systems: top loading, direct charge (core charging) and side loading
  • For solvent-based inks
  • For sleeve and roller coverings in 70 Shore A, 80 Shore A and 90 Shore A

Superior printing quality

Higher press speeds

Longer covering lifetime

Improved safety

Reduced costs

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Antistatic rollers
& sleeves

Covered roller for stripping cylinders

Coating rollers
or sleeves



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